Madhu Mehta, Noida

Being a diabetic patient I was advised to be extra cautious with my feet and nerves.I was experiencing acute pain in my let and numbness in my feet and was unable to walk . Visits to the doctors and all precautions still did not abate the pain and when i finally visited an oath i was told about a slip disc curable to surgery. I knew back surgery could be very dicey and hence began the search for an alternate therapy . My prayers were answered and my friend introduced me to swamiji . I was his and her first patient and had a miraculous recovery through knife ‘aura’ . I have also been cured of cysts in my ovaries through AURA . It is my mission to share my exp. and help others . so where ever I can and in whatever way I can I wish to dedicate the rest of my life helping the elderly, special need children and work towards a DISEASE FREE WORLD.