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Madhumeh Nashtah (100 Capsules in a pack)

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Madhumeh Nashtah (100 Capsules in a pack)

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Description (Eng.)


Madhumeh Nashtah is the best ayurvedic medicine for sugar or diabetes.

APATHYA (To be avoided) (For taking ayurvedic medicine for Sugar):-

Rice, sugar, potatoes, fruits, roots, chocolates and puddings, dry fruits, refrigerated items, stale food, namkeens from the market, drinking cold water after exercise, unnatural sex, pornography, sleeping during the day, eating foods that do not complement each other (like drinking milk after eating curd and vice versa, eating brinjal or bitter gourd with curd), drinking contaminated water, stopping urine pressure, eating too much at a time, cold drinks, alcohol, butter, papads, too much salt, red chilies, ice cream, non-vegetarian food.

PATHYA (Recommended food items)(For taking ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes):-

Horse gram flour, soya bean oil (in limited quantity), barley flour, kakdi, cucumber, lemon, ginger, jamun, sehejane ki phali, fenugreek seeds, sprouted wheat or its juice, white gourd, amla, spinach, tomatoes, sprouted green moong daal, gaanth gobhi juice, sugarless cow's milk, mint, fresh foods, fresh buttermilk, turnips, five-grain flour, morning walks. Roast whole wheat flour in a kadhai till light brown, cool and add soya bean oil. Make chapatti's with this dough. Eat chapatti which have roughage (choker) included in the dough. Eat Salted sattu. Eat small meals within an interval of 2-3 hours. Small meals, light exercise, pranayams and kriyaas are helpful practices for diabetics.


  • Useful aasans:- mandukaasan, vajraasan, pawan-muktaasan, halaasan, yoga mudra, dhanuraasan, naukaasan and bhujangaasan are recommended for optimum heath.
  • Pranaayams:- Anulom vilom, kapaal-bhaati and bhassrika (the last two should be avoided in the monsoon season).
  • Kriya:- Jal-neti, vanam-kriya, agnii-saar, nauli-kriya etc.

Please take the product under consultation of Vaidya/doctor.

Composition: {Each 500mg capsule contains}
Gurmar Leaf (Gymnema sylvestre) 50.00mg
Tej Patra Leaf (Cinnamomum tamala) 20.00mg
Neem Leaf (Azadirachta indica)     25.00mg
Karela Leaf (Momardica chirantia)    70.00mg
Jamun Seed (Eugenia jumbolana)      70.00mg
Methi Seed (Trigonella foenum graecum)    50.00mg
Vijaysaar Bark (Pterocarpus marsupium)   50.00mg
Chirayta Whole Plant (Swertia chirata)    70.00mg
Guduchi Stem (Tinospora codifolia)        10.00mg
Shudh shilajeet Shila Niryas (Asphaltum punjabium) 20.00mg
Travang bhasma (Classical preparation)    40.00mg
Excipients                                                                                             Q.s
Description (Hindi)

Take 1 Capsule twice or thrice a day or as directed by the Physician. (A unique product for healthy pancreas) For best results, please follow the directions listed below carefully:- 

  1. Take one tablet of Naabhi Chakra every week.
  2. Take one capsule of Pressure-Nill in the morning and one in the evening.