Herb Based Chakra Therapy

Herb based Chakra Therapy originates from the ancient Rishi – Muni tradition where the power with which the medicine attacks the disease is increased thousand fold.

A disease arises in the body when there is an imbalance in one or more of the Seven Chakras (energy centres) or the Chakra is not activated or cleansed.

In Herb Based Chakra Therapy, Chakras are balanced and energized through Herbs, which leads to rapid cure.

Astro Medical Science

When a soul assumes a body and is reborn, it is gripped with disease, anxiety or suffering, based on its past life karmas.

According to Ayurveda, ‘The evil karmas committed in one’s past lives appear in the form of the obstacle of disease’.

An able Vaidya must analyze the patient’s disease from an astro-medical view point as well.

Gem Therapy

When the Seven Chakras are energized through Gems, negative ions get removed very quickly. This helps a person achieve good health.

Topazolite, Quartz, Hessonite Garnet and Cats Eye are examples of Gems mainly used in Gem Therapy.

Aura Therapy

Aura or the energy field around our body is also a form of Cosmic Energy and can be called the Eighth Chakra.

When Aura is used to heal, unimaginable results can be achieved through the Therapist’s positive State of Mind.

Aura Therapy has been found very effective in healing ailments like Slip Disc, Autism, Cysts, Fibroids, Depression, Sexual Dysfunction, Blood Pressure and Migraine.


Chakras are energy centres that run from the base of the spine to the top, or crown, of the head. Chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning wheel or disc. There are seven major Chakras, each a circular wheel of light spinning in the energetic system, associated with certain body parts, a colour, stone, element, and function. By learning to tune into the energy of Chakras, one can begin to embrace the fullness of one’s life.

The Naabhi Chakra is the third chakra, also known as Solar Plexus Chakra / Manipura Chakra (city of jewels) /Navel Chakra / Naabhi/ Aalam –e-laahot / Dharan. It is associated with dynamism, energy, and will power.

» Colour: Yellow
» Stones: Topaz, Citrine, Amber
» Element: Fire
» Body Part(s): Pancreas, controls digestion

The Naabhi Chakra regulates the direction and speed of our Human Evolution, as it is the command centre of our sustenance, of food, family love, parental roles and relationships. It is associated with the power of Fire and Digestion. Material satisfaction and a sense of calm arising from a healthy Naabhi allow our attention to turn to inner spiritual pursuits.

“The Naabhi Chakra is the one that gives us the sense of complete satisfaction and contentment. It is the centre, which makes us peaceful and generous, and also sustains our spiritual ascent. When enlightened, it expresses as righteousness and inner sense of morality, and it gives us complete balance at all levels in our life.” – Sahaj Yoga “The third centre is called as Naabhi centre and has ten petals. It is behind the navel, and this centre gives us the Power to sustain something within ourselves. On the physical level it caters to the functions of the solar plexus.”- Shri Manipurabja- Nilaya Devi This centre governs the workings of the Stomach area, Spleen, Pancreas, Gall Bladder and also the LIVER. It is very important to take particular care of the Liver, which is prone to overheating through improper diet or stimulants, and to ensure that we do not exhaust it too much through Over Thinking and Planning. The Naabhi is the “POWER CENTRE”. People who have a powerful presence have a well-developed Naabhi. On the negative side, it is the Chakra of Greed. These are our organs of digestion and assimilation, not just of food, but also of EMOTIONS and LIFE. In a healthy organism, when the body has finished the process of digesting and assimilating food, it continues with an Organic Process Of Emotional Synthesis.

“ YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT “ (JAISA KHAAOGE ANN VAISA BANEGA MANN – a Hindi Proverb) Tummy rumbles are misunderstood as want of food. They are a sign of peristalsis affecting expulsion of waste and often denote SYNTHESIS AT THE EMOTIONAL LEVEL. The element related to this chakra is FIRE and the related emotion is ANGER. Those not expressing healthily through this Chakra may have Distorted, Overblown Egos to Mask Their Insecurities or Turn Introverted. FIRE, the element of transformation should not be left unattended as it can become harmful and burn out of control or go out. A healthy expression leads to Generosity, Satisfaction and CONTENTMENT, enjoying abundance at all levels.

According to Yogic Philosophy, the Naabhi Chakra Centre (also known as SOLAR PLEXUS) is the epicentre of 72,000 energy channels or nadis, within the body. This centre can sometimes shift upwards, downwards or sideways, resulting in disturbances to the affected organs. If a person is suffering from problems relating to the Reproductive Organs, Functioning of Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver or any disease and illness, it is wise to first check whether the Naabhi Chakra is in the correct position. Many of these ailments can often be corrected by realigning the Naabhi Chakra Centre to its original position through the Naabhi Chakra Fixer food supplement. This concept of Naabhi Chakra Centre dislodgement is not found in any other forms of therapies except in AYURVEDA, the ancient Indian Science of Life.

The Naabhi Chakra draws Cosmic Energy (Aakash Tatwa) from the Universe. The more the flow of inward energy, the more the fertility. People some time refer to this energy as baby dust. Baby dust enters through the Naabhi chakra.


A soft, fix and supple Naabhi Chakra is more receptive and thus one should observe how soft one’s Naabhi Chakra is. Soaking the Naabhi Chakra – Lie down and fill up your Naabhi Chakra with Olive Oil or Coconut Oil. Let it soak for 15 minutes and then wash it off. This can be done once a day. In about a week’s time, you would already feel more energetic.


The Naabhi Chakra has a Big Bunch of Nerve Endings, which makes the Naabhi Chakra a Sensitive Point. Stimulate the Naabhi Ckakra with touch, kiss or whatever means necessary. From the ancient book of KAMASUTRA (The Art of Love), it is evident that the Naabhi Chakra is the most important erogenous zone and has to be stimulated a lot. Kamasutra has one citing where honey is poured inside the woman’s Naabhi Chakra and is licked off. We see this even in our modern days – we call it bellybutton shots, where wine or champagne is licked off the Naabhi Chakra. All these forms of stimulation help the Naabhi Chakra feel immensely revered. As you begin to unblock, you will be more comfortable. The Naabhi Chakra draws Cosmic Energy from the Universe. This energy is directly fed to the foetus through the umbilical cord. This flow of inward energy is essential to form the baby’s life force. It is also essential to form the baby’s character. For the healthy growth of the baby, it is very essential that the woman draws healthy Naabhi Chakra attention from the Universe. For the 9-month tenure, Naabhi-Chakra fixing becomes all the more important. It helps in an all-round healthy development of the baby, as well as facilitates an easy labour. Both positive and negative energies are drawn in by the woman’s Naabhi Chakra and fed inside. While both positive and negative qualities constitute a person, we should try our best to block as much negative energy as possible. For a lady who has conceived, Naabhi Chakra Fixer Special is recommended. It is not advisable to touch her stomach or other nervous systems, as this can be harmful during this stage.


There is a reason why the Naabhi Chakra becomes an Outie when you are pregnant. Yes, physically, the belly stretches and the Naabhi Chakra rises up. But it doesn’t stop at becoming flat – most women find it popping out Immensely. The reason for this is that when a Naabhi Chakra is an Outie, more surface area of this Chakra is exposed to the Universe, facilitating it to draw more life, which becomes increasingly necessary for the growing baby. Exposing an Outie Naabhi Chakra when pregnant is a whole lot more effective in having a healthy baby & a healthy labour. But for many women this may be un-comfortable depending on the type of society they live in. There are several factors that can cause the Naabhi Chakra to become dislodged.

  • Lifting Heavy Weights
  • Strenuous Exercises (particularly for women when practiced during the menstrual cycle)
  • Childbirth
  • Surgical procedures around the abdominal region
  • Extreme emotional and mental stress etc.
    Dislodgement/displacement of the Naabhi Chakra Centre cannot be cured with the use of any Drugs (except this food supplement) nor will this condition show up in any X-RAY or SCAN or ULTRASOUND. But if this condition is not corrected, it can lead to a host of Very Severe Ailments, including Damaging the Digestive and Nervous Systems. By checking the pulse under the Naabhi: You can check to see if the Naabhi is Centered, by lying on your back. Put two fingers and thumb of one hand together. Place them on the Naabhi and press in about one inch deep. You should feel the pulse there. If pulse is not there that means the Naabhi Chakra is displaced/dislodged. By measuring from Naabhi and Chest Nipple (for men): Take one thread of approx. half metre. Measure the distance from left and right chest nipple to the Naabhi. If there is a difference in the lengths, this means the Naabhi Chakra is displaced/dislodged. By measuring level of Toes: Another way to identify this is to lie on your back with your hands straight beside your body. Keep your toes upright. Ask someone to check the big toes of both the feet. If the toes are not level (i.e. the height of both the toes isn’t equal) it indicates that there is dislodgement /displacement of the Nabhi Chakra. You can check to see if the Naabhi is Centered, by lying on your back. Put two fingers and thumb of one hand together. Place them on the Naabhi and press in about one inch deep. You should feel the pulse there. If the pulse is not there that means the Naabhi Chakra is displaced/dislodged.
  • If the pulse is below the fingers/thumb, one will tend to have Diarrhoea.
  • If the pulse is above the fingers/thumb, one will tend to be Constipated.
  • If the pulse is to either side of fingers/thumb, one will tend to have a Nervous Disorder.
  • In women, if the pulse is to the left, then the woman will tend to have a female disorder like Menstrual Disorder, Leuchoria, Swelling in Fallopian Tubes, Ovaries, Uterus and other parts.