Easy Way To Align Displaced Nabhi Chakra
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Even though every Chakra in your body is equally important, there are a lot of Gurus and Yogis who believe that Nabhi Chakra is the most important Chakra in your body. The Nabhi Chakra is right in your navel area. When you close your eyes and focus on this Chakra, you feel a sensation in your navel. Those who have mastered meditating on this Chakra are used to the “palpitation” sensation in their navel area.

However, there are times when the navel Chakra is displaced. It causes a lot of issues to your health, body and mind. In order to get back to your normal self, you have to learn Nabhi Chakra treatment.

Even though Nabhi Chakra can be treated with the help of mustard oil massage, you need an expert for the same. Since it is not an ordinary stomach massage, you need someone with a good amount of experience in the technique. The massage has to be done in such a way that the position of the Nabhi Chakra is brought to its original spot in the belly. Once the Nabhi Chakra is back in its position, you feel the sensation all on your own.

What is the best way to treat Nabhi Chakra?

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