Do & Don’t For Healthy Life Naturally
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In our culture, till about 40-50 years ago, there was a system of transferring knowledge in the form of Sanskaras, (values, rites and rituals) from one generation to the other. We used to respect Elders at home and keenly considered their advice. But nowadays due to Urbanization, seniors are either left behind in villages or in old-age homes.

Now to stay healthy, we must always keep in mind and avoid substances that are harmful to the body unless prescribed by the doctor or Vaidya to counter a disease.

Honey: Honey should not be heated or had with warm substances or in hot weather. Honey should not be taken in equal proportion, either with water or ghee. In fact, any oily or greasy substance should not be taken in equal proportion with honey at all. Even rain water should not be taken with honey.

Water: Water should also NOT be taken in equal amounts with oily substances. It is advised to keep a gap of at least 1 hour between water and food (before and after). Water from RO also gives rise to diseases. Use a Filter instead of RO at home. Do not invite ‘disease’ in the name of modernization. Having recognized the harmful effects of RO, many countries have given up its use. If there are problems with water being digested, then 1/4th of a teaspoon of Taint can be taken in powdered form. Pickled Taint (known as Dela in Punjabi) is readily available in the market. Consuming 2-4 pieces can help you get rid of problems related to digesting water.

Food: Eat fresh food. Do not reheat the food and eat once it has been cooked. Avoid eating kneaded dough (atta) or cooked food kept in a fridge. Use the fridge only to preserve fresh vegetables, milk, paneer etc.

Foods harmful by nature: Barring a healthy, young individual, Black Gram (urad), Bay – Salt (Khari namak), Jackfruit (Kathal), Mustard Greens (Sarson ka saag), Sheep’s milk, Molasses etc should not be consumed as they produce disease, unless being used for the treatment of a specific ailment.

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translated by Maa Amrita