Golden Rules for Staying Healthy Naturally
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Golden Rules for Staying Healthy Naturally:-

Just thinking about Old Age brings a chill to the spine. It is heart-wrenching to see people beyond the age of 50, suffering in hospitals –  bedridden and helpless. It is said that the combination of jaundice, leprosy, cough, fever, goiter, blood disorders, typhus, cholera, delirium gives rise to 64 types of ailments. The root cause of these diseases is the imbalance of the body bio-elements namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These 64 ailments are together called the sons of ‘Death Virgo’, the daughter being Eld (Old Age). Eld traverses with her brothers in this world. But if you know the remedy to these ailments and live with discipline, these will turn around before approaching. Let’s focus on the things we must do in daily life to keep healthy:

  • Washing our eyes with fresh water
  • Exercising daily
  • Massaging the soles of our feet with oil
  • Putting oil in both ears
  • Massaging our head with oil
  • Walking in Springtime and avoiding warming our-self near a fire
  • Taking a bath with cold water in Summers, applying sandalwood, and breathing the fresh morning air
  • Taking a bath with warm water in Rainy Season, eating on time and in moderation
  • Avoiding strong rays of the sun in Autumn, eating proper food and taking a bath with normal water
  • Taking a bath in the morning, keeping our-self warm with the heat of a fire morning and evenings, and having freshly cooked warm food in Winters
  • Wearing woolens in severe Winters, keeping our-self warm by a fire, eating new and heat generating food grains, and taking a bath with warm water


The balance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha can be maintained by carrying out the above-mentioned points. For further amelioration, avoiding the following can prevent the untimely advent of old age. If we look at it from a spiritual perspective, carrying out grave sins also brings upon untimely death. The evil deeds committed now or in past lifetimes are the root cause of all ailments, unhappy old age, obstacles, sorrow and all kinds of suffering. ‘पूर्वजन्म कृतं पापं व्याधि रूपेण पीड़ति’ Committing evil deeds is the root cause of great misfortune and enmity. Consuming flesh, alcohol, yogurt kept for more than 5 days, intimacy with aged women, eating curd at night,  intimacy with debauched or menstruating women or eating food cooked by them, invite misfortune in life. Evil deeds and disease are inextricably connected.

Meditating upon Shiva about Evil and Disease equips us with the relevant knowledge to redeem us from suffering. According to Tantra, Shiva resides in the Naabhi Chakra (Third Chakra) of the human body. This Chakra has the brilliance of a thunderbolt. If a person meditates upon Shiva through a balanced Naabhi Chakra, he starts receiving knowledge on all Subjects. It is, however, important to learn the correct procedure of meditation from an adept Chakra Guru.

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translated by Maa Amrita