Correct Way of Taking a Water Bath….
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Correct Way of Taking a Water Bath:-

There are many types of Baths – Water bath, Air Bath, Sun bath, Steam bath, Oil bath, Curd bath, Milk bath and Mud bath. In this article, we shall understand the correct way of taking a Water Bath.

Today there are many articles and posts explaining new and scientific ways of taking a bath. Some people believe that the scientific way of having a bath is starting from the feet and working our way up. But by doing so, our body heat pollutes our chakras (energy centers) with negative energy which eventually reaches and pollutes our Sahasrar Chakra. That is why the RIGHT way of taking a bath is top down from the head to the toes.

Also, the distance between the heart and feet is greater, which means more energy is required for blood to flow to the feet. If we take a bath with water from head to feet, then excess energy is collected at the feet and it becomes much easier for the Heart to send blood to the feet.

Having a bath from the feet upwards is against our Ancient Wisdom, and can cause harm to the body and mind.

We should keep the following points in mind while taking a bath:

1.Daily Rituals: Wake up in Brahma Muhurta and proceed for a bath after checking your Naabhi Chakra, emptying your bowels, cleaning your teeth, shaving etc.

2. Clothes: Wear an undergarment if bathing in the open; a bathing suit/vest if bathing in a pool and no clothes if bathing in an enclosed bathroom so that you can scrub yourself clean.

3. Purification of Water: It is important that water being used for your bath is clean and pure. In today’s times, finding a clean pond or a clear freshwater stream in cities is like a dream. Most people take bath in bathrooms which usually has a supply of fresh clean water. However, do make sure the water has no smell or discoloration. It is important for the water to be clear.

4. The temperature of Water: These days showers are used to take a bath. In Summers, you can go directly to the shower and take a bath from head to toe. To remove dirt from your body, a piece of towel or natural loofah can be used. There is no problem in taking a bath both in the morning and evening in the summers. Even if the water is slightly warmer than the body temperature in summers, there is nothing to fear. Bathing this way will take about 30 minutes.

Now most important is, how to take a bath in Winters. No one should take a bath with warm water in Winters except for those who are ill or of weak constitution. Having a bath with water warmer than body temperature produces diseases in the body like, – colds, low immune system, piles, weakness in mind, memory, eyesight, loosening of the skin, obesity etc. An Important Precaution, however, is to not pour water on the head suddenly but little by little. After that, sprinkle or pour some water on the body with the help of a tumbler and massage with water so that blood circulation becomes normal. Continuing to have a bath with cold water will optimize circulation.

5. Cleaning the body: We should avoid perfumed soaps, body cleansers and shampoos that have added chemicals. These can give rise to skin diseases. For those who perspire more or suffer from body odor:

A. Soak Amla powder at night, strain and have a bath with this water.
B. For soft skin, make a paste of Black or Yellow soil and massage during the bath.
C. Add a dash of rose water to your bath water
D. Apply Ubtan before having a bath

After taking a bath do not forget to wipe clean those body parts that are usually ignored, like all the joints and folds of skin, the skin between fingers, ears, spine and private parts. We should also wipe and clean well the place between hips with a towel. Dead skin should also be scrubbed with a towel and removed.

We will feel refreshed and energized after taking a bath in this way. We will also be protected from many diseases.

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translated by Maa Amrita