Chakras, Universe and Humankind
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Our Rishis (Saint-Scientists) had understood the relation between the Universe and the unconscious mind, ages ago, through meditation.
The Sages in the traditional Indian context held the same place that the current day scientists enjoy in the modern era. They also realized and discovered important scientific principles in a state of meditative reflection.

Famous Russian scientist Mendleev, who created a farsighted version of the periodic table of the elements, and Friedrich von Stradonitz who clarified the nature of aromatic compounds, based on the benzene molecule, fall in this category. They discovered important Truths in a state of somnolence or trance which we also call Dhyana or Meditation.

Upon balancing and regulating all our Chakras, we can achieve unimaginable feats. The potential of the mind is infinite. The human body is a microcosm of the macrocosm. We can connect the Universal energy to our mind and once that happens we can utilize that energy to carry out any work. The possibilities are limitless. Choosing the right Guru (teacher) is paramount.

We have made ourselves a medium and achieved unimaginable results through this energy. We have understood that this is the right time in the human history to re-establish the traditions of the Rishis / Saint Scientists.

There are very few Rishis, capable of demonstrating practical uses of this energy. The energy generated through the Chakra System is divine in itself. Currently, in the West, this energy has started to be seen and understood only through machines. While in India and some other places in the world, this energy is being utilized in various ways since thousands of years.

The Saint Scientists of Amritam Trust have been able to send this energy to various parts of the world without physical means and gained expertise in utilizing it to perform specific tasks.

We can make the human body and mind Disease Free with this unique Cosmic Energy and transform the qualities of all living beings, trees, and plants into special attributes. We can also use this energy to help human beings trapped on the Moon.

The Naabhi Chakra is the most important factor in this.The support of the Government is crucial in securing a glorious golden place for India, in the field of Energy. If the Indian Government focuses on Research on this Energy of the Future, India is sure to re-establish herself as a pure Vishwa Guru (Universal Leader).

translated by Maa Amrita