Massage – Oil, Its Benefits and Important Points to Note
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Oil Ingredients:

Mustard Oil – 500 gm, preferably Yellow Mustard
Nutmeg – 2 Whole
Ajwain – 100 gm

Mix the above-mentioned ingredients and cook first on slow, then on medium heat. Once the Ajwain turns black, remove from fire and allow to cool. Filter with the help of a muslin cloth and store in a glass bottle.

For miraculous results on the body, use this oil for massage during Winters. Use only plain Mustard oil for massage during Summers.


1. Massage helps one remain disease free.
2. The aged remain healthy and young.
3. It helps increase intellect, brilliance, strength, knowledge, and memory in children.

Other Essential Points to Note:

1. One should massage the body, keeping the environment and place in mind for e.g.In places with cold climate or temperature, where one does not sweat much even after medium workout or labour, massage can be done every day.

2. Massage should not be carried out in the three Monsoon Months. If it is imperative that a message is carried out for an ailing person, then a moisture-free place should be chosen.

3. In mild Summers, it is advisable to do light massage for 3-4 days in a month.

4. Those with high blood pressure should get a light massage done from top to bottom.

5. Those with low blood pressure should get a massage from the soles of the feet upwards.

6. Those with a weak constitution or recovering from illness, or those whose Navel Chakra (Nabhi) tends to shift repeatedly, should get only a light massage done.

7. Those whose Navel Chakra (Nabhi) tends to shift repeatedly, should NOT get the stomach area massaged even lightly.

8. For the complete benefit of Massage, it is important for the Nabhi to be balanced. To balance your Nabhi, order Naabhi Chakra Tablet now by clicking here.

translated by Maa Amrita



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