How to Check if Nabhi is Balanced or Not?
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There are a lot of terrible things that you go through when your Nabhi Chakra is displaced from its place. No doubt there are home remedies and massage techniques with the help of which you can get this Chakra back to where it belongs, but the most important thing to do is the find out if your Nabhi Chakra is really displaced. No one has to go through the terrible effects of a displaced Nabhi Chakra. Thus, it is important to find it way before the symptoms show up. With the help of the following method, you can check your Nabhi Chakra alignment. To balance Nabhi Chakra, you can consume Naabhi Chakra tablets of Intuition Herbals India (IHI).

How to check nabhi alignment: Stretch your palms and keep them side-by- side. Now try to match the lines of both palms from bottom to top including the base of the little fingers with each other. If the tips of the last finger do not touch each other or not equal, it indicates an imbalance in Nabhi.

Everybody must check his/her Nabhi Chakra as the first thing in the morning. Our ancient saints have given an amazing mantra to recite daily while doing this practice “Karagre vasate Laxmi, Karamadhye Saraswati, Karamule tu Govinda, Prabhate karadarshanam”. Please watch this video (Click Here) to get the detailed explanation of this mantra and learn how to check Nabhi Alignment by Swami Muktanand Maharaj.

If all your reports are fine and you are unable to dig the reasons behind your constant migraines, bloating sensation or heart palpitations and other health issues, it is time for you to introduce this Mantra to your life. Recite this Mantra early in the morning and follow the process to find out if your Nabhi Chakra is displaced or is in its original position.This will make you healthy and happy.



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