“How to live longer without getting old”

How to live longer without getting old

“Every man wishes to live long but no man wants to get old”

The idea of living for long excites us all, but the wrinkled skin and aching body gives chills in the spine. The science of long life is hereby decoded from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda which literally means ‘science of life’ focuses on healthy habits which are pivotal in prevention of diseases. Our ancient sages are believed to live for 400 years and even more. We all know “Prevention is better than cure”  Ayurveda  has a whole branch dedicated to prevention of diseases by adopting healthy lifestyle and taking Rasayana or rejuvenating herbs. Here we focus on healthy lifestyle:

1. Get up early

First step towards a healthy lifestyle is getting up in’ brahmamurata’ around 4.00 am daily. It is believed that getting up in this phase promotes sattvik (peaceful ) state of mind, while getting up later will promote qualities like sluggishness and lethargy. Drink around 2 glass of water stored in earthen pot kept at room temperature.

2. Shauch (answering nature”s call)

Remove all the waste products. Best position is the squatting position as it allows easy passage of stool without putting pressure on rectum hence prevents constipation and piles.

3.Datun (brushing teeth)

To remove impurities and vitiated kapha which gets accumulated inside mouth overnight. Neem sticks are best for it.

4.Nasya (putting oil drops inside nose)

Putting drops of warm medicated oil or ghee inside nostrils works wonders. It lubricates our channels also remove any impurities or toxins. According to Ayurvedic principles nose is the gateway to brain. Nasya nourishes the prana and enhances our inner knowledge and wisdom.

5.Dhoompan(inhalation of medicated vapors)

Taking medicated dhoom or vapors is a timeless practice as it clears our blocked channels in turn makes our upward passages light and pure. It is an excellent practice to prevent problems like chronic cough, cold, sinusitis

6.Gandhusha (gargles)


Fill your mouth with medicated oils like sesame oil and move it in all directions. It improves blood circulation and is excellent for strengthening teeth and gums. It also nourishes facial skin and prevents wrinkles and other ageing symptoms.

7.Abhyanga (Massage)

This will improve the circulation and also keeps the skin soft and wrinkle free. This is very important step towards living for long without getting old. As when we age dryness increases in the skin and body which is the prime reason for pre mature wrinkles and aching body and joints.

Vata types should try warm sesame oil, pitta should use cooling coconut oil and kapha should try a more stimulating oil like mustard diluted with sesame or medicated calamus. Daily abhyanga also brings happiness as it creates a peaceful self love and caring atmosphere.

Make sure one applies generous amount of oil in navel. As it is the center core point of our body which when activated properly yields enormous health benefits.

8.Vyayam (Exercise)

Daily exercise for at least 30-45 minutes is quite beneficial as it improves circulation, open our minute channels and in turn restores health. Vyayam should be according to bala or individual strength .Meditation- sitting in a comfortable position meditate for around 10-15 min daily.

9.Snana (bath) –

Bathing relaxes body and mind. It is important to bathe in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere preferably with cold water.

  • Vastra- wear light colored, comfortable fitted cotton clothes.
  • Anjana (applying medicated kajal to eyes)Medicated kajal improves eyesight, prevents watering of eyes and other common eye ailments.
10.Aahar (Diet)

One should eat light freshly prepared food with fresh vegetables. Food should be warm, easy to digest, with digestive odors which stimulates appetizing enzymes. One should have food in a peaceful environment.


Sleep on a comfortable bed without extra cushioning. Before sleep it is best advised to apply mustard oil to feet and navel which helps in deep sleep and prevents bad dreams.

Dr. Madhavi Gupta

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